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What are some applications of V2I?

The truth is, cars have been communicating with one another for a long time. When you turn on the right signal you are signaling to other drivers that you are about to turn right. When you honk your horn you’re warning other vehicles that you’re passing them by or you’re about to enter a dangerous situation with them.

Yet today, the internet of things (or connected cars, connected vehicles or the internet of vehicles – in the context of mobility) has taken car communications to a new level, whereby drivers gain different types of data, for example a traffic jam ahead, an emergency car approaching or an empty parking space, by way of sensors, radar, LIDAR and video surveillance that cars are, or will eventually be, equipped with.

This kind of communication between vehicles and their surroundings can be referred to as V2X which, in most cases, entails the interaction between an onboard unit (OBU) and different roadside units (RSUs). The OBU is often equipped with an intuitive user interface so as to pass information easily to the driver while driving. The communication is by way of either Wi-Fi .

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