Smart Home

The system built for homes

Intuitive | Intelligent | Integrated

Unlike piecemeal or standalone solutions, our integrated IoT system
provides you with unrivalled control.

One App | One Control | Multiple Solutions

Energy Efficient

Easy and intuitive design which optimizes energy
consumption which can be manually or automically controlled.

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring of energy to prevent overusage and helps users in their savings.

Automation Systems

Integrated control all at your finger tips to give you total intelligence over your systems.

Wellness Systems

Gives safety, security and unparalleled comfort.

Communications Systems

Communicate and reach out to users instantly.

Security Systems

Users can monitor their homes or offices from anywhere, giving total peace of mind.


View and respond immediately to threats and issues to your home or office from anywhere in the world.

Automated Controls

System constantly self-monitors and adjusts so that you do not have to.


Adjust entire system settings for your specific requirements.


Total Control

Provides you with a 360 degree monitoring and control that can not be matched by standalone solutions.

Fantastic Flexibility

You can personalise your systems to your exact requirements.

Intelligent Home

The system informs and allows you to adjust for optimised conditions.

Utter Comfort

Be comfortable with your optimised environment and be at ease knowing that the security of your home or office is being monitored.

Enjoy Life

Focus on relaxing and enhancing the quality of your life knowing that our system has you covered for all environmental conditions.

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