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Reolink adds the versatile RLK4-410B4 to its security system lineup

Thanks to the convenient PoE configuration, users can install and set up this all-in-one security system on their own in a breeze without paying any extra installation fees. Also, RLK4-410B4 4-channel PoE system supports all of Reolink’s 5MP IP security cameras, allowing customers to upgrade the system as they wish.

Designed with advanced motion detection technology, this PoE kit keeps you always in the know when an invasion happens by sending instant alerts to you and making warning sounds with the NVR buzzer. Users can also enjoy peace of mind by checking out what is happening around their properties via Reolink’s smart software, Reolink app and Reolink Client, when they are away from home.

This 4-channel security system also features a proprietary network for data transmission among the IP cameras and the NVR. So, when there is no Internet available, users can still enjoy 24/7 continuous monitoring with all the recordings saved to the NVR.

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