Smart Lighting Control

Bringing you beautiful light in the most energy conserving way

Lighting control can be done through our NEUsmart app platform, which makes automation of lights convenient and energy saving. Aside from ensuring minimal energy usage and the ease of controlling energy consumption, automated lighting control also can be used to strengthen security measures by acting as a theft deterrent.

NEUsmart app platform can act as an add-on complement to current lighting systems without the extra hassle of substituting installations or other fixtures. As an undisruptive device, it presents itself a smart, easy and efficient rool that enables seamless lighting control. Furthermore, with the lighting control ability, users are able to ascertain their energy consumption patterns and hence regulate their energy consumption levels. With the data made available to them, users can generate solutions to enhance energy efficiency, such as devising energy-saving programs and precautionary care measures.

NEUsmart app platform is also a cloud device, which allows easier installation and maintenance. Users are able to check their lighting status on any smart mobile devices and simplifies the lighting control process.

Lighting control products


Smart Track Light


Smart Strip Lights


Smart Ceiling Light


Smart Track Light


Smart Round Downlight


Smart Tube Light


Smart Light Bulb


Smart Gimbal Spotlight

Smart Driver

Smart Light Controller


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